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The Maintenance Saloon is open to the public daily. This is where players can keep their characters, trade and otherwise talk shop. It is a pleasant place to hang out while adventuring. There are no passwords or registration required, and we are always in the chat if you would like to know what we are up to. TRAVEL: Tariff of entry is $4 per person for one day, $2 each for children under 14. BRAND-NEW! Get out and play the Edgy RPG you have been waiting for! Start with a powerful Adventure - choose between a Hero, Scoundrel, or Villain to be the player character, and choose from a plethora of skills, powers, companions, and magical items. Then turn to the Dungeon Master - choose from a whole new level of tactics and strategy, with all new advanced features. From the incomparable creators of the Deluxe Edition of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying comes the all-new Adventure Module, The Undying Tomb, an exploration of a cursed tomb and the supernatural consequences of an ancient ritual. Discover the Tomb, and choose your path. Will you help the wizard, or the necromancer? The Tomb is an adventure module for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Deluxe Edition, and is designed for character levels 7-13. The Tomb takes place in the Enchanted Realm, and requires a complete Marvel Heroic Roleplaying kit (not included). MODERN FANTASY WEGENRAD: This is a wegenrad game that uses a heroic fantasy world, a system of magic, and the backdrop of the heroic fantasy world of Wegenrad. This game is designed for use with our other Wegenrad game, "God-Realm Iron". MASTERS OF FANTASY: This game uses the basic "Hero Points" mechanic from the "Pathfinder Adventure Game". A hero's power grows in a number of categories, known as "Masteries". Using these categories, players can increase their hero's overall power, and improve the effect of any special abilities, spells, or skills. This is the same power level as we use in "God-Realm Iron", but with a streamlined experience. THE RISE OF ZOG: This game was designed as a "Storytelling Adventure", in the style of the CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) game, but with a much more epic (if not plot-heavy) feel. This game is designed for use with our other Wegenrad game




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HD Online Player (Ta Chovendo Hamburguer 1080p Dublado) [Latest-2022]

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